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Why Your Projects Need a Second Opinion

More and more businesses are turning away from external consultancy. Whether your business has its own internal resource, or you don’t even realise a project manager is what you need, many often don’t consider the value an external consultant can bring.

You could be missing a trick! External consultants have their own wealth of benefits that can help you make real change in your work.

An Independent Eye

Of course, internal resources have their benefits. In-depth, day-to-day experience of the company can be an advantage in many situations, but it can also produce blind spots. When you’re directly involved in the problems you’re trying to fix, it can be tricky to separate yourself.

An external consultant’s fresh perspective lets them efficiently identify the problems and implement the solutions. They can spot things you might miss and help break through the bottleneck.

Don’t forget the importance of choosing the right consultant. A project manager that is truly invested, whether internal or external, is vital. With care and effort, a lack of long-term knowledge of the business is easily overcome.

Tell It to You Straight

Their objective position helps external consultants keep their communication firm and direct. Outside of office politics, they can tell you the reality of your situation open and honestly. When missing information can make all the difference to the success of your project, and business, getting it all out on the table is essential.

Not all the necessary questions are easy. Growth means taking a long hard look at your business and recognising the problems. External consultants can ask the challenging questions in a way internal resources often feel they can’t.

Unmatched Experience

Internal staff might have specialised experience, but project delivery often needs more variation. Who knows what’s around the corner? The more experience, the better prepared you’ll be for the next hurdle.

External consultants can draw from their vast experience in a broad range of industries to provide you with the best help possible. Sometimes, the least obvious answers are exactly what you need.

You'll also benefit from their access to a wider pool for recruitment. More experience can mean more connections. This way, you can know you've got the best person for each job.

True Value for Money

You might make the mistake of thinking internal resources are a money-saving alternative to external consultancy. It's a common misconception. Unless you need regular and focused help, it's a long-term financial commitment that isn't always necessary, or viable.

If that isn't for you, picking the right consultant that can fill the gaps you need can be a lot cheaper. By sticking to the level of involvement and support that is actually necessary, you avoid wasting money. Pay for what you need - and only what you need - and get true value.

Particularly for smaller businesses, or projects that have reached a sticking point, an external consultancy can provide greater value for money to find a productive and profitable solution for a smaller investment.

Both internal and external consultancy have their place. If you're looking for a fresh perspective, proper honesty, years of experience and good value, an external PM is the way to go.

Projects that Deliver does exactly that. We know how to challenge you to be your best and make the difference. Give us a call on 020 3286 2866 for a chat or book in a free consultation.

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