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Why Might an External Consultant Be Perfect for Your Project?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As businesses increasingly recognise the importance of third-party expertise, internal resources are becoming a popular option for project delivery. However, the unique advantages of external consultancy might be perfect for your project.

An Independent Perspective

An external consultant provides an independent perspective to project delivery that cannot be gained with an internal resource. Although established knowledge of the inner workings of a business has its own benefits, it can also produce blind spots, preventing internal staff from efficiently identifying the problems they are facing. With a structured methodology that prioritises collaboration, an external consultant is able to acquire knowledge of the business, in addition to their unique perspective, for effective project implementation.

Direct Communication

This objective position to the company not only provides the benefit of a fresh perspective but can also aid firm and direct communication, which is essential for employee buy-in and commitment. As an independent advisor, external consultants are removed from local politics, allowing them to ask the challenging, but necessary, questions to ensure successful project delivery.

Extensive and Varied Experience

The specialised experience of internal staff can be beneficial in their field, but often project delivery requires more varied expertise. External consultants can draw from their vast experience in a broad range of industries and project delivery specifically. If a project is in crisis, an external consultant’s distinct, additional knowledge can be integral to overcoming hurdles. Moreover, external consultancies have a wider pool for recruitment, ensuring the right individual can be chosen for each project.

Value for Money

The use of internal resources for project delivery is often perceived as a money-saving alternative to external consultancy. However, it is a long-term financial commitment that is not always necessary or viable. Additionally, different external consultants provide different services. Dependent on your requirements, external consultants can contribute the level of involvement and support you need. Particularly for smaller businesses, or projects that have reached a sticking point, an external consultancy can provide greater value for money to find a productive and profitable solution with less monetary investment.

Both internal and external consultancy have their place, dependent on your business and specific project. Thinking an external consultant might be right for you? Read more about what we do.

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