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Why Homework is Good for You - and Your Business!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Most discussions about the benefits of flexible working fixate on the individual, particularly the opportunity for workers to achieve that elusive work-life balance. However, this attitude could be holding your company back. Recognising how flexible working could be in the interests of your business, as well as your employees, brings a wealth of benefits.

You wouldn't be alone in thinking flexible working can hinder productivity. Preconceptions tend to suggest it just isn't good for business. The last year has shown that isn't the case. Research by a Californian company demonstrated a 47% increase in worker productivity since the pandemic has forced teams out of offices and into a more flexible working-from-home routine.

So, if flexible working can not only maintain, but even dramatically increase, levels of productivity, what other benefits could you be missing out on?

Maximising Efficiency

Studies suggest that in an eight-hour working day the average worker is only productive for just under three hours. Evidently, filling up a prescribed number of hours in a working day doesn't mean every hour has value. Instead, focusing on a task at hand maximises your productivity and makes your work more efficient, benefiting both your business and your clients.

This is why, at Projects that Deliver, we get down to the root of your problems to establish exactly how we can help you. Our approach bases delivery on what is really needed, rather than day-rate charging, to get you the best value.

Flexible working tends to value the outputs produced over time spent at the office. This gets the best out of your team and can keep budgets down.

Take Advantage of Our Global Society

Our increasingly globalised working world presents many benefits, but not without its own challenges. One common challenge is differing time zones. The conventional working day on your continent doesn't always align with that of your best clients.

Flexible working allows the freedom for different team members to work varying hours, tapping into different time zones around the world.

Not only does your communication thrive, but also your hiring opportunities. Flexible working can allow you to recruit from across the globe, finding the best candidate no matter their location.

Tapping into a Pool of Skilled and Experienced Workers

The biggest benefit of flexible working for your business is the opportunity to tap into a pool of undervalued workers. Many people with years of experience and specialised skills in your industry fall between the cracks due to the rigidity of the traditional way of working.

Whether due to childcare obligations, or personal preference and other commitments, workers that could be incredible assets to your team don't get the opportunity. Flexible working can solve this and bridge the gap. Moving away from a traditional way of working allows you to recruit the absolute best person for the job.

More versatility and flexibility in your way of working expands the opportunities for your business. Although the recent boom in flexible working hasn't necessarily been by choice, it's revealed the benefits we stand to reap from retaining some of these changes post-pandemic.

Recognising the possibilities and making the most of their potential is central to our work in project management. We're not afraid to switch things up. Refusing change and evolution in such a fast-paced world can leave you left behind. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, give us a call for a chat or check out our website for more info.

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