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What's in your Junk Drawer?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Do you have a junk drawer? Whatever you call it – ‘sellotape’ drawer, cram-it-all-in cupboard – we all have one. That place you hide everything that doesn’t easily fit elsewhere. It might start off as a couple miscellaneous items, but soon it’s your go-to place for tidying away whatever you don’t want to deal with in that moment.

Every time you go searching for that one thing you need shoved all the way at the back, you make a mental note – ‘I’ve got to sort this out!’ Until you eventually find what you’re looking for and close the cupboard again – out of sight, out of mind. You know it’s probably wasting your time and making things more difficult, but you just never get round to sorting it.

You’re not alone. We all do it. But if you’ve got a junk drawer in your business, it could be holding you back from success.

In the same way, you might know your way of working isn't it's best. Small niggles that you do want to fix, but you’re not entirely sure how or where to start. Your daily priorities take over and you can never seem to find the time. Like the messy drawer, you know it's not the best way forward, but 'it's good enough'. Until it isn't.

What's it really costing you?

Before you can sort out the 'junk drawer' in your business, you need to figure out what damage it's having. What problems are you learning to live with rather than finding solutions? They can often feel small, but insidiously be costing you money and time. Facing these problems head on by determining their real impact can give you the drive you need to overcome them.

If previous project failure is one of the problems you're dealing with, try our failing project calculator. It determines how much your failing projects are costing you so you can truly understand the value you'll be regaining from the changes you make.

Not everyone's cupboard is the same.

Not everyone is ignoring an overflowing cupboard. Some are really struggling to shut the door and others would benefit from a bit more organisation. Maybe you have already tried to sort it out, but whatever system you put in place has become messy and confused once more. Whatever problems you're facing in your business, you don't need to be afraid to tackle it.

At Projects that Deliver, we specialise in getting down to the roots of your problems and helping you recognise how your 'junk drawer' is holding you back.

Get it all out on the table.

The first step to solving your problems is getting it all out on the table. In the same way you probably know some of the main items at the top of your drawer, it's likely you know the key issues you need to fix. However, the problems you've shoved to the back corner will only be discovered by getting down to the details and shining a light on it.

Our 'brain dump' sessions are designed to help you do exactly that. Recognising the problems you're facing, even ones you might not have known you had, doesn't need to be a painful or anxious experience. Regardless of the level of the challenge you have to overcome, we can help you ask the difficult questions and find the right solutions.

If you want to take the first step with us, check out our easily bookable sessions or give us a call for a chat.

We'd love to help you deliver a project so you can stop worrying about opening up that drawer and help your business.

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