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Streamline to Survive

We all know the importance of tech when you're running a small business. Used well, it can speed things up, track your progress and ultimately free up your time. Used badly it can actually hinder you. With so much tech available to us now that it can be hard to know which systems and apps are best for you. The answer? The ones that take the pain out.

Simplify your systems

What you want is a simple to use system that makes your life easier. Running a business can be hectic and complicated, so efficiency-increasing tech is really going to help you out. For our social messaging campaigns, we love using monday. We can plan all our messages, sketch out a timeline, add deadlines, images, automations, and much more - all collaboratively. And all of us can see exactly what is done and where we are up to. We can choose which integrations to add, and its super simple interface makes it accessible to the not-so-tech-savvy among us.

Of course, the bright colours, look and feel might not suit others and there are loads of similar systems out there.

Where do you start?

Working out areas you have that keep getting stuck or where you teams or clients are constantly asking questions could be the start points. What is it that you are constantly creating reports for? What information could you team share to make everything easier but still give you oversight of what's going? When we ask our clients about how much of their week is spent answering emails on what to do next or reporting to clients, it's a scary number of hours. Often, finding the right tech to cut the manual workarounds saves them hours each week.

Cut out the pinch points

Streamlining your process like this is the key to upping your overall efficiency, whether that's for your business, a project, or simply planning for deadlines. If you're looking to cut out pinch points and avoid bottlenecks, utilising tech is one of the best ways to go. Let's get going - we love helping clients digitise how they work - book in a call with us here.

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