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Personalising your Pick'n'Mix

Listening to a podcast yesterday, the guest was talking about how she had loads of skills and experience but was pretty much unemployable.

I can totally relate to that.

My problem is that I don’t quite fit a job description. Not because I’m not good at what I do - I am. Not because I don’t apply myself – I do. It’s because job descriptions don’t ask for skills like ‘good at getting stuff done’; ‘excellent at working out exactly what’s needed’; ‘proven track record in managing difficult situations well’; ‘experienced at finding the great solutions’; ‘reputation for tackling and solving problems’; ‘really good at pulling teams along the journey’; 'continually nudging and nurturing for the best result'.

The funny thing is, it's exactly these skills that many businesses are looking for - there is just no name for the role.

Could I be a human Pick’n’Mix?

Maybe I am in a work sense? The point of selecting different sweets from the containers is that you end up with your perfect combination. You leave with a little bag of treats. The favourites that you want; the exact quantity you need. When you dip your hand in, whichever sweet you pull out, there will be no disappointment.

Traditional consultancy doesn't offer this. Having to fit around the rigid options means less value and more wastage. Maybe they don't have all the skills you're looking for. Gaps might be missed. Can they ever really understand your business? No one wants to be disappointed, especially as a small business wanting to make the most of your expenses. Often, these fears mean they don't even start looking around.

So, what’s the solution?

In an ideal world, you would be able to stand in front of all those containers of every type of work skill there is, and simply chose the number and type of that suits you perfectly. That way, you would choose external resources who can deliver exactly what is required, only for as long as they are needed. Every hour of work done would be productive, it would be scalable and changeable as priorities in the business change.

Good news

The good news is that Projects that Deliver offer exactly that Pick’n’Mix role to you. Our short sessions span lots of different areas so you can combine them together however you want to. You get your perfect personalised bag of skills goodies from us. And the brilliant thing is that if next time you want another selection in your paper bag, you can just choose different sessions from us.

You know it makes sense.

Book your first session with us or if you're not ready, maybe our project complexity quiz suits better.


Oh – and the guest? The fantastic Lucy Griffiths. She didn’t get a job – she built a business helping over 30,000 people to be confident on camera!

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