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Our Principles

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

At Projects That Deliver, we always maintain that we might not be right for everyone. Different project consultancies fulfil different requirements. Whilst some consultancies fully manage a project from beginning to end, we excel as a bespoke service supplementing your existing internal capabilities when you need us.

However, we distinguish ourselves by more than the type of consultancy we can provide, but also the values and principles that drive our work.

Driving Forwards

We do not give up. Difficulties are likely to be encountered in any project, but it is our commitment and drive that assures success. We will identify a way round, over, under or through any obstacles to complete a project.

Organised & Organising

We pride ourselves on our organisation. Working out the details of things in advance avoids disorder and disconnects. This is why our modular methodology is structured to ensure the project is well-defined, the outcomes are understood and the requirements are specified. By planning and defining the details before the project is delivered, we help prevent unexpected surprises and disappointment.

Bring People On the Journey

We know that change can be difficult and create uncertainty. Communication of the end goals and an explanation of why the project is necessary allows for clear understanding throughout the team. It’s important to bring team members through each stage of the journey to minimise resistance and encourage employee buy-in.

Take Challenges Head On

Conflict and difficult situations are not easy, but they do need to be addressed. Avoiding or ignoring them achieves very little. We aren’t afraid to face challenges that present themselves, helping us find solutions and to progress efficiently.

Solutions With Structure

As a bespoke service, we always retain a level of flexibility so that we can help you at any stage or with any aspect of your project. However, structure remains integral to our approach. The right level of structure the team to stay aware of their progress and end goals, as well as know where they fit in as individuals and relative to others.

Balanced Approach to Difficult Situations

It is next to impossible to solve something difficult with everyone being happy. However, we think it’s important to take a balanced approach. Examining all sides not only ensures we reach the best resolution, but also that all team members feel satisfied. Feeling your view has been considered makes an unpleasant solution more acceptable.

Making A Difference

Achieving outcomes that effect change and help others is the key to good projects. Whatever the goals of your project, we want to help you make a difference and achieve that success.

Each of these principles help define the work we do and the approaches we take to each project. If you are looking for a consultancy with focus, clarity and commitment who are not afraid of challenges, we could be right for you.

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