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One Post Is All It Takes

Social media presence is a must for small businesses. It's as simple as that.

Nowadays, we're told that if you're looking to grow your business, boosting your online visibility is key.

Showing up = success

Half the battle is just showing up. Making your presence known - and memorable - on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and more recently even TikTok, is the most important thing.

Consistency is everything here.

Post great, helpful content and you can't be missed in people's feeds. Even if, at the beginning, you don't get much engagement, potential clients will be aware of you, see what you're about and start to understand your brand. Get your personality across.

Posting content and engaging with other businesses online ensures that you and your company are seen.

What's your USP? What makes your business your business?

Keep it up

We get it. Sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle. You're posting all the right content at the right times, but somehow just not getting the engagement you wanted. Keep going. Someone will come across you and get in touch, and one post is all it takes for this to happen. Engaging with other people's content is also super important — keep liking, reacting, and sharing to create a network of contacts. Be generous. You'll all be helping each other out.

We're not social media experts but we know lots of them. What we are great at is being consistent and getting started. If that's what you need to boost your business' online visibility, why not book in a call with us here. We can help!

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