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Modernise the Way You Work with Intentionality

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I’ve got a new home project going on – my clothes and my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, it's not a complete mess. It needs a clear out to give a space where my clothes hang nicely, a little apart so I can see them all and know exactly what I have. A wardrobe that works for me.

A minimal, capsule wardrobe is said to be under 25 items - including shoes. I'm going more for a collection of mini capsules with exactly the right things in. – something for every occasion, stylistically and functionally good, nothing surplus. I do manage it in my campervan – three-week trips with all my clothes in a space the size of a small cabin bag. I’m not sure why it’s so much harder downsizing my home closets?

Capsules for Business

Many businesses we talk to have similar issues. They don’t have closets of clothes of course but they do have collections of processes - too few or too many of them. Some overlapping ones; some confusing ones; some legacy ones; ones that are ignored; even some ‘it’s the way we’ve always done it’ ones.

Every so often, a few of these will be tweaked to improve them. A couple steps in each might be changed. After a while, the habits of the old processes creep back in. Businesses find it hard clearing these out and optimising them into slick ways to work. Many give up part way through or maybe don’t even start.

Why do they give up?

Maybe, like me, it's been on their list for a while? Maybe they haven’t found the right approach? Perhaps too comfortable with the way it is now? Easier to do nothing? Possibly a fear of ‘What if I got rid of the wrong stuff'?

Could intentional implementation help? Instead of sorting out odds and ends one at a time, a deliberate system to change habits once and for all could make a difference. It might ensure that change sticks – permanently.

Home tidying legend, Marie Kondo's method is intentional, rigorous, deliberate and thorough.

Can her six step method work for businesses too?

We think so.

Some ways of working are painful or ineffective and certainly don’t meet Marie’s goal of ‘joyful’. Like a wardrobe, they need to be tidied up and ordered.

Every process needs to be brought out and added to a big pile to be sorted. Rather than focusing on what to discard, Marie explains that the most important part of her method is choosing what to keep. She continues that you need to fully commit, work to your ideal, finish discarding what you don’t need before revising, have a place for everything.

And if that's not enough. Marie insists that once everything is in its place you must follow the system to avoid slipping backwards to your old ways – ever!


Why not book a free initial session with us to start optimise how you work, intentionally? Let us help you empty everything out of your process wardrobes – like Marie, our five step methodology will get you back on track and give you joy.


When I've finished sorting my clothes, I might add in a before and after picture so you know I really did get it done!

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