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How to Keep Your Project in Focus

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In project management, keeping your project at the forefront of your mind might sound like a basic requirement, but it’s not necessarily so simple. Many projects get derailed as your attention deviates from what exactly you’re trying to achieve. We’ve compiled some key tips to avoid this classic mistake and prevent project failure.

Remember the goal of your project

Many people might think they know the main goals of their project. However, when you focus too heavily on delivering a project, the intentions and results can be lost. Every project is trying to achieve something, whether that’s maximising efficiency or increasing profit. Keeping these goals at the forefront of your work, rather than only focusing on project completion, helps ensure success.

Treat each project individually

Projects are planned and delivered every day. It's unlikely this is your first project and almost certain it won't be your last. However, despite similarities, each project is different. Even if they aim to achieve the same goal, they do not necessarily require the same approach. By treating each project individually, you can tackle the issues appropriately and achieve project success.

Sufficiently plan your project

To keep the goals of your project in focus, it’s crucial that you prepare properly. This is why our methodology does not neglect planning. Establishing your aims, scoping the outcomes and specifying requirements before project delivery maintains focus on what is really necessary. If planning is not sufficient, or doesn’t involve all members of the team, employee buy-in will be negatively impacted and the project will lose sight of its goal.

Don’t get stuck with politics

Governance and politics can often derail projects. Whether its navigating team dynamics or getting bogged down in justifications of what has been done and reasons behind delays, distractions can draw your attention away from what you're really trying to achieve. It's essential to push past these issues and focus on getting the job done.

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