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How Projects that Deliver is Shaking Up the Traditional Model of Project Management

No matter what you are aiming to achieve for your business, all projects have a common goal of completion on time, on budget and to scope. We use our defined investigative approach to help you deliver that.

The combination of our methodology and established project priorities defines Projects that Deliver as a positive force for disruption in project management. Years of experience in project delivery have helped us identify common pitfalls and form our project priorities to help you avoid them.

Our five-part methodology ensures we can step in to aid your project at any stage of the process, from the initiation of a new project to the rescue of a failing one. This bespoke approach provides structure and organisation without affecting our flexibility, allowing us to efficiently identify where your project needs support, whilst reflecting the way in which you like to work.

Collaboration with us is integral to a successful project. Our methodology reflects this in its adaptability. However, by having a sequential model we ensure you won’t lose direction and structure.


Define your goals

Even if you have everything you need to succeed, it can be difficult to make a start. Without a clearly defined project, from beginning to end, the time, cost and scope expand. By listening and understanding, we provide the resources, experience and support to help assess solid deliverables and communicate these clearly. Establishing these essential components of the project ensures we can progress and bring all members of your team on the journey to successful project delivery.

Scope the outcomes

At the beginning of a project, it is crucial to understand not only the goals, but the impact of a project for all areas of the business. You’re likely aiming to implement changes within your business in order to save money or make more. However, many people with the same goal often do not fully quantify the non-financial impact. This is especially true of failed projects where, despite the best efforts of the staff, no improvements are made, culminating in a high human cost. To prevent this, we take time to assess not only the goals of the project, but the reality. An agreed scope includes buy-in from all areas which contributes to the ultimate impact of project delivery.

Anchor your requirements

Clients often approach us feeling that they have specified requirements or with a general idea of what they need. However, we encourage and aid you in facing the challenging questions you must, to draw out what you truly require for a successful outcome. If your requirements aren’t anchored to the problems you want to solve, your project can become disjointed and ultimately fail.

Establishing a distinct line and connection between your problems and your goals illuminates the exact steps you need to take to achieve success. Without this, the softer requirements can be missed. Alongside the more obvious steps to project delivery, you must not underestimate the importance of including all members of your team on the journey and maintaining enthusiasm throughout. Undervaluing these requirements or failing to identify them by not fully anchoring your needs to your problems, can lead to failure, partial delivery or increases in cost and time.

Getting it done

Small businesses often encounter the same obstacles in their project delivery. The team members assigned to the project must balance the project alongside their regular workload and responsibilities. This can result in conflicting priorities, often to the detriment of the project. By providing a clear framework of tasks and timelines, we help staff structure and balance their different duties, and consequently help businesses keep on track for delivery on time and on budget.

Even in larger businesses, many teams get caught up in their daily tasks and forget why exactly they are taking these steps and striving to improve. It’s integral to our methodology to help you keep the problem you are trying to solve at the forefront of everything you do.

Review - and IMPROVE

Whether a project is successful fully, partially or not at all, a review into lessons learnt is essential. There will always be future projects and a comprehensive review is fundamental – with contribution from all areas and levels of the business. However, there is little point in a review without active steps being taken towards improvement. We facilitate this post-project analysis and provide recommendations, with an emphasis on not just what needs to be improved, but how.


Confronting your challenges

Fear of fault or blame can prevent the real problems you’re facing from being tackled. It isn’t always easy to be truly honest about your difficulties, but the only way to overcome issues is to face them head on. By taking this step early in the process and helping you ask the difficult questions, we encourage openness and clarity about the problems you’re facing so we can help you fix them.

Your needs are assessed at our first meeting. We work with you to discover why your projects are stuck or failing. By keeping this focus, we work to provide only what you need, for the length of time you need it, saving you unnecessary costs and time.

Getting unstuck & getting it done

No company has infinite people or financial resources. Whether you are struggling to start or getting stuck midway through crucial projects, we help you maximise your way of overcoming hurdles. We can run any project, but we are great at stuck and failing ones.

Whatever issues you’re facing, we work to help you move past them and get the project done. In our years of experience of project management, we’ve seen governance and politics derail projects time and time again. We cut this out. Rather than getting stuck with justifications of what has been done, endless delays and difficult issues, we help you get the job done.

Solving your problems

You might assume a central focus on the problems in your business is a given in project management. After all, a project is intended to fix these problems. However, too many projects lose sight of the reason why they were started. The original issues a project is fixing can get lost in multiple discussions, meetings and the resulting lists of things to do.

We make sure this doesn’t happen. Identifying all problems clearly, understanding why they exist and establishing the impact if they remain unaddressed is key.

Our experience is that problems you need to solve must be kept absolutely at the front of your mind.

Taking the pain out of project delivery for you. We work hard to really understand the problems you are trying to fix, the reasons they have occurred and the most effective way forward.

We are particularly good at finding solutions for complex and challenging problem areas which occur in every business, especially when you are heading for growth.

Organised & Organising

Even when you have a great team behind your project, without clarity, communication and organisation the project can become confused and derailed. Different members of a team might use different formats and structures to communicate their progress and needs. Quickly, the progress of the project can become unclear and key elements are lost sight of.

When working with us, you receive key deliverables and outcomes in consistent, structured reports, helping you feel as if we are internal resources.

Every aspect of our approach embodies our position as a positive force for disruption in project management. We are optimising established methodologies and focusing on what is truly necessary for project success, saving your time and money.

If this sounds like the change you're looking for or a way that you would like to work, give us a call for a chat.

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