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Evolution or Extinction

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

'Evolve or Die'... said Charles Darwin, and we think he was on to something. A business can’t stand still, or it risks being left behind by competitors who recognise the value of reviewing and updating their systems and processes to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Why it’s time to abandon Excel

If you still think it’s OK for your team to run your projects and plan tasks in Excel in 2021, then you really need to read this.

One of the biggest frustrations we encounter when trying to break through our customers’ bottlenecks is convincing them that the software they’ve been using for - let’s face it decades - is no longer the most efficient way to run their business.

Common objections we hear are:

  • “But we’ve always done it in Excel.” or

  • “Everyone knows how to use it, so it saves us time training staff on new software or applications.” or

  • "I don’t know what tech is out there and what I need.”

Yes, these statements are true (up to a point), but if we all adopted that mentality, we would be writing hand-written letters to be delivered by a horseman and sending messages via pigeons.

Just because software such as Excel was the most efficient way of doing things in 2010 doesn’t mean that it still is in 2021, and we know for a fact that it isn’t!

Invest time now to save time in the future

Taking the time to find the right application or software for your company’s needs will pay dividends in the future when you and your team can effectively communicate on one platform, preferably a cloud platform, where you can all view, edit and share files simultaneously and speed up your workflow.

In our experience, platforms such as vastly speed up workflow and enable teams to share content, make comments and edit content and documents in real time, saving them from a chain of emails that clog up already chocked inboxes.

How to know which tech is best for you

If you’re still using Excel for planning and tasks, then you probably have no idea that there are better solutions out there. This is where we can help.

When we initially work with a client, we specifically analyse their workflow and the tech they are using.

We do this by asking the business owner question such as:

· Are you using too much/too little tech?

· Are you using the right tech for your needs?

· Do you have an instant messaging app in place for quick internal communication?

· How do you share/edit documents?

As external project managers, we have the luxury of looking at your company from the outside in and can advise you on which tech to use, which tech to lose and how to get your projects over the line.

You really can increase your free time

We believe in challenging long-standing practices and procedures to ensure our clients achieve maximum efficiency and claw back some time that they can spend doing the things they love instead of doing the things they hate.

Call our team today on 020 3286 2866 or click here book a free session to find out how we can improve your workflow.

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