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Does your Business Have a Junk Drawer?

Whatever you call it – ‘sellotape’ drawer, cram-it-all-in cupboard – we all have one.

That place you hide everything that doesn’t easily fit elsewhere. It might start off as a couple miscellaneous items, but soon it’s your go-to place for tidying away whatever you don’t want to deal with in that moment. Everyone has some clutter - even the most superbly organised amongst us.

The problem is every time you go searching for that one thing you need, you can never find it! You finally locate it shoved at the back, you make the same promise 'I will sort this out!' But you never get around to it.

The same issue happens in business too. In the same way, you might know your way of working isn't it's best. Small niggles that you do want to fix, but you’re not entirely sure how or where to start. Your daily priorities take over and you can never seem to find the time. Like the messy drawer, you know it's not the best way forward, but 'it's good enough'. Until it isn't.

The hardest part is facing the challenge head on. We know it can be overwhelming. Often, the complexity can put you off from getting going. Where do you even start?

The first step is to get it all out on the table.

Getting down to the nitty gritty of the challenges your business is facing is the same as emptying out your junk drawer. Once it's all out in front of you, you're in the best position to make productive - and lasting - changes.

Before you start sorting, you need to get rid of any dead weight. What do you no longer need? What's holding you back? Be honest with yourself. Then. you can work with what's left. Putting time and thought in now makes for long-term change.

This makes the difference between making it look neat and putting a system in place so our clutter does not return in the future. Setting up usable and fitting systems and processes is an investment in the success of your business.

Do you need help sorting out your junk drawer?

Whatever niggles your business is dealing with, we know how to get you back on track.

Book in now or give us a call on 020 3286 2866 - we'd love to chat.

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