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Conquering your Clutter with Style

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Everyone has some clutter - even the most superbly organised amongst us. Mine is thrown into a single cupboard at home. A random collection of stuff I might keep, stuff to go into storage, stuff to throw out, stuff to donate, other stuff. It needs sorting. It bothers me. Every time I open the door, it irritates me that I haven't sorted it already.

Of course, I tidy it a bit - most of us probably do that. But there's a difference between making it look neat and putting a system in place so our clutter does not return in the future.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin created The Home Edit series. They comment: 'Believe this: every single space in your house has the potential to function efficiently and look great.'

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could do the same for your business? We believe you can. Replace 'every space in your house' with 'every place in your business' and you describe what Projects that Deliver does. Getting things organised so you optimise your business and function more efficiently.

Clearing out the junk drawer

Many businesses we speak to have the equivalent of a clutter cupboard or junk drawer. They're not alone in that. It's not unusual that they have things being ignored. Some stuff has been in their junk drawer for a while. They need to sort it. It annoys them that they haven't organised it yet. We help them realise that all that clutter could be neatly worked on as a project or two. The 'should sort this' can be easily removed with systems, processes and structure - for good.

But how? Let's break it down.

The Home Edit system walks you through steps - these work for businesses too:

  • 'Paring down your belongings in every room.' For room, read business area. Take a look at how you work now? Sure, there are areas that should stay exactly as they are. Which other ones are a priority for attention and paring down? Could you organise them better to improve your processes?

  • 'Belongings are arranged in a stunning and easy-to-find way.' Part of the problem with work is the 'easy-to-find' element. Often nothing feels easy - some things can't be found at all. Spending time on optimising the best way of working for you, helps set up sensible and easy to adopt processes - your system. The result - everything is streamlined, efficient and saves you time.

  • 'Maintaining the system' The Home Edit feels sticking with their system means 'you don't need another do-over in six months.' We agree completely. It's such a waste of time, effort and money to work on tidying the surface issues in your business over and over. Better to do it once and do it properly. That probably means asking the difficult questions of yourself and others. It means being honest about what is going on. It's by dealing with the real issues, you keep stuff out of that junk drawer in the future.

  • 'When you're done, you'll love the way it looks.' Instead of 'you'll love the way it looks', try 'you will love how your system delivers'. Your way of working will become clear, repeatable and long-lasting. The result is regaining control, saving time, working smarter, less stress, no chaos.

Having a robust system personalised for your clutter makes sense. It keeps those cupboards and junk drawers organised - permanently. Conquer your clutter then you can breeze through your work days knowing everything is in its right place.

It's so much easier to start this kind of thing with someone else so why not book in for a free session to start working on your junk drawer? Or give us a call on 020 3286 2866, we love talking anything projects.

What's hiding in that junk drawer for you?


Not quite ready to take the next step with us? Download one of our outputs to get started instead.

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