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Why is it a bottleneck?

As the owner,

all the information

is in your head.

You end up being

involved in every step.

Without delegating

to the right people,

you lose time and

waste your skills where they're not needed.

You're overusing or underusing the right tech for you.

Not happy with the

tech you have?

No tech at all?

Or maybe you do have

the right tech but

you're just not using it?

There are no processes shared with the team.

Without processes down on paper, you'll struggle to delegate.

Especially as your business grows, you can waste time

with an unnecessary workload and admin.

You are tracking the wrong metrics, or none at all.

It's impossible to know

where you are.

How have you progressed?

If you don't know,

how can you grow?

The level of structure is squashing, not supporting.

The right amount of structure is a hard balance to achieve.


It's important to support, but too little flexibility can squash your progress.

Delivery is inconsistent. Over/underdelivery.

We all want to go

the extra mile, but

without clear boundaries, you are undervaluing

your work.

It's difficult to make changes stick long-term.

Without lasting change you'll always be taking one step forward, two steps back.

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We love to help you break through your bottlenecks!

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