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Your Bottleneck Breaker Package




If you don't know where to start, our discovery session helps you

find the answers.

In these structured, interactive sessions, we'll take an

in-depth look at

your business together to assess what is stopping you.

Your Personalised Report

From the

information you give, we provide you with a personalised

visual report. 

It includes

our actionable recommendations,

a proposed timeline and a matrix framework to act as a decision tool.

A Follow-Up Call

The package includes a follow-up call a month later. 

This helps keep you accountable and on track. 

We can also help you adapt and refocus after any unexpected changes.

If you don't know what bottlenecks your business is up against,

try our Bottleneck Breaker Package.

The initial discovery session will give you the answers you need 

so you know exactly what's going on and what needs changing.

Every business is unique.

If you have more of an idea of your bottlenecks,

swap out the Bottleneck Breaker for another session to make your own package!

Each package consists of the specialised session,

your personalised report and the follow-up session.

See the options available below or...


More Options

Declutter Your Mind

This session will cover:

  • establishing your REAL priorities.

  • how to stop being bombarded with questions.

  • how to share what's in your head to your team

  • how to minimise the noise and achieve calm in the chaos.

Troubleshoot your Tech

This session will cover:

  • where automation can save you time.

  • manual input.

  • how to fit your tech to how you work.

  • data entry.

  • copy and pasting.

  • repetitive tasks.

Perfect your Processes

This session will cover:

  • how to achieve a    process on a page

  • how to make your processes visual and exciting

  • engaging your team with new ways of working.

Get on


This session will cover:

  • what do you REALLY need to measure?

  • do your metrics make sense?

  • interventions needed when goals are missed.

Keep It


​This session will cover:

  • defining consistency   for you.

  • establishing the right level of time and effort.

  • whether your services can be delivered without your involvement.

Make It


This session will cover:


  • working out where change is really needed.

  • what change will generate the biggest impact.

  • how can you make change stick.

Support with Structure

This session will cover:


  • how much structure you actually need.

  • what difference the structure will actually make.

  • how you will get robust enough to scale to the max.

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